Garibaldi Conquers The Beatles

Garibaldi Conquers The Beatles

Garibaldi (July 4, 1807 – June 2, 1882) was known as an Italian military and political figure. In his twenties, he joined the Carbonari Italian patriot revolutionaries, and had to flee Italy after a failed insurrection. Garibaldi took part in the Uruguayan Civil War leading the Italian Legion, and afterwards returned to Italy as a commander in the conflicts of the Risorgimento. He has been dubbed the "Hero of the Two Worlds" in tribute to his military expeditions in both South America and Europe. He is considered an Italian national hero.

Now he has been reincarnated as an accomplished musician, friend and follower of the 1960's British Invasion in America. Garibaldi has decided to share with the world, his aggressive musical arrangements and philosophies of the band of the 20th century, The Beatles.
Garibaldi's wish; "Humanity for all mankind"

Garibaldi recorded a few well-known Beatle songs but was adamant about recording several rarely covered songs of the Beatles. We wouldn't dare argue with him!
Besides, he was right. We have a great collection of instrumental tunes flavored with heavy extended dance tracks to jazzy licks.
These tracks are only available as digital downloads on CDbaby, iTunes &

Garibaldi Conquers The Beatles 2 will be released in May 2016!

All music written by Lennon/McCartney except Here Comes The Sun by George Harrision. BMI


Garibaldi Statue


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